Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Soccer

Nonnie and Grandpa have been asking for video of soccer games played this Fall. So, here it is....and it's a little long, so you might want to get a few snacks and settle in for some fun watching. Andrew scores 3 goals in this video. He had a great season and had a fun coach and team.

Spencer was very excited to play soccer this Fall as he has sat on the sidelines for several years watching Andrew play. Practices were okay, but actually playing in a game was a bit too scary for Spencer and so he stayed on the sidelines cheering his team on to victory!

Way to go, Soccer Boys!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Harvest Time

For Family Home Evening we went to our garden and harvested our pumpkins and gourds. Compared to last year, our pumpkins didn't do as well, but we have enough for our family. Our gourds did fabulous! It's always so fun to harvest what we have grown!

Before our harvest.....

After our harvest.

I LOVE Fall time!!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Adventures near Ashton

Several weekends ago, we drove to Ashton for Nathan's Aunt Leona and Uncle Bruce's 50th Wedding Anniversary party! We had many adventures on our way to Ashton and while we were there.

On our way, we had a total blow out.

Our dad is AMAZING!!! He had it almost completely changed before AAA arrived!

This is what we did while we waited...throw rocks by the railroad tracks.

While we had our tire fixed we found a fun park in St. Anthony.

We were able to stay in a beautiful cabin in Island Park. We wish we could have spent many days exploring the area and relaxing in the cabin.

The cabin had Disney Channel!!!! What a treat for us!!!

I wish we would have taken pictures of the actual party. Nathan did the decorating and their cabin looked SO nice! We had such a wonderful weekend playing with all our cousins and hope we can do it again soon!!!