Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today, as we were deliciously enjoying our Ben & Jerry's ice cream cones, Andrew reminded us all that we had gotten the cones for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE. (If you've seen Bedtime Stories, he said it just like Skeeter.) It made us all laugh and enjoy them even more!!! We LOVED that Ben & Jerry's had FREEEEEEEEEEEEE ice cream cones today and we only had to stand in line for 30 minutes to get them.

Standing in line. All the interesting people kept us entertained. Can you tell it was hot? When we got back in the car our thermostat said 90 degrees.

YUM!!! YUM!!!

The Good Life

Last weekend was an example of our good life! Andrew had his first soccer game of the season and made the first goal of the game! He made several other goals and his whole team did great!
Then, we went to see the new Hannah Montana movie. Everyone LOVED it!
Next, Nathan went to Stake meetings while I got everyone fed and bathed for Sarah's piano recital. (Nathan met us there.) Sarah did a wonderful job on both piano pieces. She had them memorized and didn't make one mistake. I am always amazed with her confidence.
Then, we hurried home with a babysitter and off to the adult session of stake conference. Sunday was a great broadcast from Salt Lake and LOTS of time with our dad. What more could we ask for in a weekend...seeing our cute kids excel and hearing inspiring words from our leaders. The Good Life.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had an action packed Friday night and Saturday, full of fun activities! Then, on Sunday we were able to focus on the true meaning of Easter. We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!

Cute kids and Dad dying Easter eggs.

The First Easter Hunt of the day. (At our house.)

The Second Easter Hunt of the day. (At the Ball's) Nathan was the only one with a camera and the older kids were hunting on the other side of the 30 acres.

The Third Easter Hunt of the day. (Our neighborhood hunt.)

Sarah doing the "Egg Toss". She and her friend, Shantel took second place!!

On Sunday, we went to church dressed in our new Easter clothes and had a nice Easter dinner with Nathan's parents.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring Break - Washington

Our Dad met us in Bend for the weekend and drove us to Washington on Sunday. We LOVE staying at Glenwood (one of our Dad's properties) as it's just like staying at a nice hotel. We got to swim, watch Disney Channel and Mom didn't have to cook one meal!!!!!! Some of the highlights of Vancouver were....

Spending the day at the Portland Zoo with my college roommate, Danelle and her boys, Thomas and Henry. Thanks Dana for the treat to feed the birds!

Visiting my friend, Cindy Dunn in The Dalles. Her granddaughters were visiting from Seattle so we all went to a super fun park to play. It was also fun to see her business that she has in her home. Check out her beautiful cards and towels at French Notes.

Hiking and seeing Multnomah Falls.

Spending the day at the coast in Seaside, OR. We had lunch at Mo's and built a small sand castle.

We met a family, The Shirley's from Vancouver, who made the BIG AMAZING sand castle. We ended up watching Sat. afternoon conference at their home and then they drove us around looking at houses in their area. We feel SO blessed to have met such a generous and fun family!

Total amount of miles driven on our Spring Break trip: 2200 miles
Total amount of money spent: haven't added it up yet
Total amount of time spent together as a family: PRICELESS!!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who made our Spring Break one of the BEST ones yet!!

Spring Break - Oregon

On Tuesday, we drove to Bend. It was nice to have cousins, grandparents and an aunt to share the long ride with! Mostly we just played with cousins during our week in Bend, but we did have several fun outings. We went to the movie Monsters vs. Alien, Powell's Sweet Shop and we went to the High Deseret Museum.

(Note to self: take more pictures when we go to Bend next time!)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring Break - Utah

Spring Break 2009 for the Smith family began in Utah. We drove to Ogden on Friday and stayed with my brother Jon and his family. On Saturday, we played at the Treehouse Museum and had so much fun!

Then we met the WHOLE family (Nonnie, Grandpa, Angie, Alexa, Sophie, Jayna, Ryan and Eliza) at a park in Orem.

We all stayed at a hotel and swam in the pool (sorry no pictures) and were thrilled that Krispy Kreme was right next to the hotel.

Sunday was Eliza's blessing and a yummy dinner with Ryan's family. A very CUTE family!!!

A picture of all the CUTE COUSINS!!!

Monday was visiting with Eliza (and her parents) and driving back to Boise.

We think our new cousin is PRETTY CUTE!!!!