Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swim Lessons and Super Hero

We love swim lessons with Cathy Taylor!!! She is such a great teacher and we love taking lessons with other fun people!!! The kids did great and had a SUPER time!!!

Benj loves being a Super Hero! This day he was part Power Ranger, Batman and....well, I guess Goggle Guy!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


At the library in Eagle, a few Saturday's ago they had all sorts of things with wheels. We had a really fun time doing all sorts of fun activities and learning new things. The kids all got new books from the library, lots of chocolate milk, snacks, and tons of stickers and stuff!

Benj loved this scooper. He could have "drove" all day!

Benj loves to "drive"!!

The older kids loved talking to McGruff. Benj was completely scared of him.

The kids made milk carton cars and raced them.

We learned what it would be like to take a ride in an ambulance.

Andrew the Fire Fighter.

Spencer the Fire Fighter.

Sarah the Fire Fighter.

All of us with St. Al's Little Pal.

Spencer and the scooper.

Spencer and Mom finally found some shade - it was SO hot!!

Taking a drive on the first fire engine of Boise.

Ice cream bars...a great ending to our fun, hot morning!

Sanders Reunion and Rexburg Temple

We drove to Ashton, ID one weekend for Nathan's Grandma's family reunion. She had two siblings there and all of the original five siblings had kids there. It was fun to get to know new family members that we'd never met and the highlight for our family was getting to stay with Uncle Bruce and Aunt Leona at their lodge. The Lodge is SO nice and our kids had SO much fun that they were worn out by late afternoon! We got to go to church in Ashton and on our way home we stopped at the Rexburg temple so our kids could touch yet another temple. The temple is gorgeous and it was fun to show our kids where we had both lived and gone to school.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of July

We drove to my parents for the weekend of the Fourth. We watched the Pet Parade, ate lots of yummy food and the cousins played and played and played. We got them all matching tyed dyed shirts from the Saturday's market downtown. Aren't they cute?!! We do have a funny story about our kids having glow sticks and snappers as their only fireworks...but, three of my parent's neighbors put on THE BEST FIREWORKS SHOW EVER so, I guess it was okay that we didn't anything else.

PS: We sure missed Eliza!!!!! Maybe next year?!

Sarah's Birthday

Sarah turned 9 on July1st. She has had her eye on a cruiser bike and decided that if she earned part of the money and put all of her birthday money towards it then she would have enough to get it for her birthday. She also got a basket for her bike from Andrew, a helmet from mom and dad, movies from Spencer and shoes from Benjamin.
We went to the Ball's King Tut movie theater to watch one of her new movies, ate pizza and birthday cake. It was a good birthday!

A Day at Roaring Springs

We spent 8 fun filled hours at Roaring Springs. We didn't take many pictures as we were having too much fun and forgot to. Dad, Sarah and Andrew were very brave and tried most of the scary rides. Andrew and Dad even did the Avalanche. Everyone loved the lazy river and the wave pool. So, so much fun was had!!!!


We had such an amazing trip to Colorado!! We loved all the fun things we did and loved being with our family!

Playing and eating at the park.

The grownups had a fun evening dining out at The Fort. We ate buffalo, quail, salmon and the most delicious desserts. It was a very memorable evening!!

We got to ride a train to the top of Pike's Peak. The elevation at the top is 14,110 ft. It was an amazing view!!!!

We spent a day at a Renaissance Fair in Larksburg, CO and we will all say that it was the highlight of our trip!!

Spencer loved all the fairies.

We watched two jousting competitions.

This was a fun ride that the kids went on. All of the rides were "man powered".

We all played many of the fun games...Jacob's ladder, throwing tomatos at a man and archery. We did several others and just forgot to take pictures.

Those who wanted...rode an elephant.

Sarah learning how to do crystal sticks.

We saw many interesting things. We really LOVED this fair and would do again if we ever get the chance again!!

On another day, the kids got to go horse back riding.

Our bishop has challenged our kids to touch a temple this year. Our hotel was close to the Denver temple, so on the way out of town we stopped and touched the temple.
Thanks mom and dad for such a wonderful vacation!!! We loved it all!!
The only bummer part of the trip was our cousins and aunt from Virginia weren't able to come due to airplane connection complications.