Saturday, November 07, 2009

Birthday Boy Benjamin

Friday was Benjamin's THIRD birthday!! He started his day opening presents....getting a basketball hoop, a sky ball, Mr. Potato Head and a Clone Wars book. We ended his birthday with having taco salad (he loves salads) and Birthday cake!! He had a great day and we can't believe how grown up he is!!

Any Guesses??

Can you tell what's on Benjamin's Christmas Wish List?

This was Benj today in ToysRUs letting us all know what he wants for Christmas!!! LOVE IT!!!!!


On behalf of the Idaho Food bank, Sarah volunteered with her teacher, Mrs. Brooks, and several of her classmates at Walmart today. Sarah has really gotten "into" the donation spirit. She has taken our wagon around the neighborhood to collect items, asked family members for donations and raided our pantry several times. At this point she has brought in the most canned goods of all the students in her classroom. We love her giving spirit!!!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Girl from India, Mummy, Stitch in Outer Space and Luke Skywalker


Yum, so much candy!!!

BSU Game

Andrew was a SUPER lucky boy on Saturday as he was invited by Bishop and Sister Johnson to go to a BSU game with them and his friend, Collin. He had an AWESOME time and told us in great detail all about it when he got home. He was SO impressed with the band, the noise, the fog, the players, that they made a touchdown right away and when the kids came out of the helmet. Please go to Sister Johnson's blog and read about it from her point of view.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Bishop and Sister Johnson!!!!!!!!! It was a dream come true for Andrew!!!!!