Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wahooz for Love

On Valentine's day we went to Wahooz. (Formally named Boondocks.) We had SO much fun!!!!!! Our favorites were playing miniature golf and playing in the arcade.

Spencer hit it in the guys mouth so fire came out the top. It scared Spencer and traumatized Benjamin.

Miniature golf was by far my favorite. It was SO fun to watch ALL four cute kids get so into it!!

We got a lot of great stuff from all the tickets we won!

We all LOVED our experience at Wahooz!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Spencer LOVES playing Little Pet Shop. He asks EVERYONE to play with him...ALL DAY LONG. When he asked me for the 10th time today if I would play with him I asked if we could together set up the houses and pets and then he could take pictures of his Little Pet Shops so I could blog about them. This way we could both fulfill our passions for the day since I LOVE to blog!!!

I think Spencer did a great job with the camera!!

Can't blame him...wanted to join him

For some silly reason, I have everyone's swimming suit in a drawer in my room. I have no idea why, but Benjamin opened that drawer today, pulled out his suit and started jumping up and down, screaming and laughing. I asked if he wanted to put it on and get in the bathtub. He spent a LONG time swimming in the bathtub today...and I can't say I blame him...as I'd love to have joined him.

Act of Kindness

We had about an inch of snow today. When Spencer came home from preschool (carpool) I noticed that our sidewalk and steps had been shoveled. It was very obvious because the shoveling stopped at the line of our house on BOTH sides. In one direction to my right, not one other sidewalk was shoveled and to my left only one sidewalk was shoveled in front of a house. I knew it had to be Jay. He was out later with his dogs and I asked if he had done a random act of kindness for me today. He told me it was him and that he would do it any other time it snowed. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors!!

I looked out several times today just to look at my shoveled sidewalk...it truly made my heart happy!!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mii & Colors

Tonight, when I was reading Benjamin the book, The M&M's Counting Book he started pointing out the orange M&M and then pointing to himself. He got really excited and kept pointing to the orange M&M and then himself. Then, I finally got it. I said, "On the Wii, your shirt is orange isn't it." "You're orange, right Benj?" He got even more excited because I understood. Then we would turn the page and he would find the orange M&M and point to it and to himself and get SUPER excited!!! I kept saying, "Orange, Benjamin, that's the color orange." I'm not sure who is more excited that Benjamin knows the color orange...me or him!!! I never thought he might learn his colors from the Wii.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


So, we were feeling brave on Saturday and we decided to take our kids to a movie. I don't usually like going because I never get to sit and watch the whole movie. Someone usually has to use the bathroom (no matter how many times I've asked if they need to go before the movie starts) or Benjamin needs to be taken to the back of the theater because he just can't sit for that long. However, yesterday we went to see Bolt at the dollar theater and WE DID IT!!!!! We all sat and watched the WHOLE movie!!! I really liked the movie, but I think I liked it even more because of the milestone we passed in our family. I feel like celebrating...maybe, we'll go see another movie! Any suggestions???