Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

On Christmas Eve we acted out the story of baby Jesus. Everyone had very important parts to play.

They all got to open one gift....they got sleeping bags from Nonnie and Grandpa...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

They got the cookies and milk ready for Santa and put reindeer food outside for the reindeer. Then, they all promptly went to bed...not sleep, just their bed. Sleep didn't come for awhile!!!!!

Early Christmas morning, four cute kids are ready to come downstairs to see if they have been good enough for Santa to have stopped at their house in the night.

Our dad took this picture before everyone came downstairs. He kept on saying that there was something he had no idea what it was. Santa had left four Zhu Zhu pets and a playground and no one at our house knew what they were until we started playing with them and looked them up online.

This is how our cute kids spent a lot of their Christmas day...just relaxing and enjoying all their "loot"!!

Santa completely spoiled them again this year. They must really be on the "NICE list"!!!