Friday, January 01, 2010

Andrew says, "It's Great to be Eight!!"

Andrew had a GREAT birthday! He got to open presents as soon as everyone was awake. (Nathan found Andrew sitting on the stairs at 6am and made him go back to sleep on the couch until everyone else woke up.) He got a BSU football from Benjamin, a Rubix Cube from Spencer, a book from Sarah, a BSU sweatshirt from Nonnie & Grandpa, money and cards from Grandma & Grandpa, Mom & Dad and cousins that he put towards a NEW MOUNTAIN BIKE.

Here is Andrew "trying out" his new bike. He and dad shopped for the perfect bike a few days before his birthday but he didn't get it until his actual birthday.

We went sledding. Andrew is getting pretty good at snowboarding.

To finish out an awesome day, we ate pizza, had Oreo birthday cake and then watched G-Force. Happy Birthday Andrew!!!

At our Book of Mormon party we told the waiter that it was Andrew's birthday (close enough, right?!) so they sang to him and brought him a yummy dessert. He LOVED it!!!


George and Caralee said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew! I was SOOO relieved to hear that we wouldn't be missing your baptism. That would have broke my heart!

The Smith Clan said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!! We are glad you had such a special day!

susan said...

Happy birthday Andrew! (Did you make the banner?)

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