Friday, January 01, 2010


ALL of our kids LOVE to go sledding.....everyone except Benjamin. Every time we go sledding, we ask Benj if he wants to go and he always says, "No Way!", and so mom gets to stays home with him. Well, we all wanted to go on Andrew's birthday so Nathan told him that he could wear ski goggles (he loves much that he wore his swimming goggles to go Christmas caroling last week) when we go sledding and he finally agreed to go. I love that we were actually able to capture on video him having SO much fun and then when asked if he wants to do it again, he says, "No Way!" So much personality!!!

It doesn't look like Spencer is having fun, but he really LOVES sledding so much that he doesn't even need a sled...he'll just go on his bum.


The Woods in Idaho said...

I LOOOVE Benjamin's giggle as he is going down the hill. Priceless.

The Smith Clan said...

It looks like soo much fun! We can't wait until we get to go!

susan said...

That is so cute.
The last picture is my favorite. Awesome shot!

Eric and Nicole said...

It's ok Benji. I don't like sledding either. I broke both of my arms sledding once! Hey Laura, we need to catch up! Lets get together for lunch and let the kids play this week or next!


Nanette said...

How can you not love that little rosey faced giggling boy!! Love to check in on your wonderful family and see how you are all growing.

Nanette Wilkins